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Stefan on left. Lance on right


Stefan's early life started out being trained as a classical violinist. As a violinist, he won major competitions and performed with, among others, the Philadelphia orchestra. He was touted as a child prodigy but by early high school, realized his true love was film. Amateur movies in high school were followed by a college education in filmmaking. He won numerous awards with his student short films before moving into a professional film career.

He worked in many aspects of the film business producing and directing commercials for foreign television as well as working for numerous clients as varied Rescue 911, Frontline and MTV. In 1993 he wrote, produced and directed his first feature film, The Game. It premiered in 1994 and is currently distributed domestically by Panorama Films, Inc. and internationally by Curb Entertainment, Inc.

In 1997, Stefan partnered with Lance Weiler to write, direct, produce and co-star in The Last Broadcast. The Last Broadcast recieved international acclaim as the first desktop based feature film and then went on to many festivals, winning Best Feature Film Silver Prize at The Chicago Underground Film Festival.

The trek continued when, partnering with Esther Robinson and David Beard, Wavelength Releasing was created. In October 1998, Wavelength Releasing made cinematic history with the first fully digital national theatrical release of a feature film via satellite. The Last Broadcast was that film.

Stefan has been recognized as "one of the twenty five people helping to reinvent entertainment..." by Wired magazine. He has lectured in Europe, The United States, South America and Canada about digital filmmaking as well as written for numerous publications about the experience.

He is also the author of "Making the Last Broadcast" a thorough examination of the production techniques that went into the making of the movie, as well as an in depth philosophical examination of the potential future of truly independent filmmaking.

Other full length work includes the concert films Cut It Up (1996), and Vine in concert (1992) Currently he is in pre-prodution on two projects as well as an executive producer of "Waiting", a feature in post- production with a Fall '99 Release date. .


LANCE WEILER is co-founder of Wavelength Releasing which this past fall made cinematic history with first national theatrical release of a feature film via satellite. The Last Broadcast, co-directed by Lance and Stefan Avalos, was beamed to five cities across the country. The Last Broadcast has been profiled in Newsweek, Wired, and Variety among others. The film has won awards and played in festivals all over the world. Lance was recently named "one of the twenty-five people helping to reinvent entertainment." by Wired magazine. He has lectured in Europe, the United States, Canada and South America about digital filmmaking and electronic cinema. Most recently Lance lectured at film festivals, such as Sundance and the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

In addition Lance has worked in the film industry for the last seven years as a camera operator and camera assistant. This work has taken him all over the world. He has worked with clients, such as American Express, Calvin Klein, Mercedes and Nike. Lance has also written, directed and produced a number of award winning short films which have played in numerous film festivals. o.

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