Links and Thanks

Thanks to TOM BRUNT AND TEBWEB DESIGNS FOR THE WWW, for hooking us up with the cool URL name. Thanks to STEVE JONES for finding the mpeg compressor that worked. EVERYONE who lent/gave us stuff.


DIGITAL PROJECTION INC The company that makes some of the best digital video projectors in the world.

VIDEOMAKER Good magazine for video people just starting out, or already there (wherever there is)

INDIEWIRE Extremely cool E-zine. A must have if you are a filmmaker.

FESTIVAL PRODUCTS Very useful site for filmmakers about to hit the festival circuit

FILM THREAT WEEKLY - Another must get, must subscribe, must peruse

BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES okay, it's a local paper, but it's a good one if you are in the Bucks county area.

DV MAGAZINE It's their fault we found out about home NLE back in '94- awesome mag for Digital video heads.

INTERNETV- Internet Tv - If you believe it, it will come.

BUCKS COUNTY UNDERGROUND FILM MOVEMENT- (Site for and by independent feature film makers)

TEBWEB- Web designer who can figure out a way to do anything, it seems.

ADOBE- Yeah, like they need another link. Well, they are one of the most amazing software companies in the world so...

IN-SYNC- makers of Speed Razor.

SONIC FOUNDRY- They make Sound Forge, which is the best sound editing software for the PC. (this is sound processing, not mixing)

The Electronic Mailbox- I'm not going to start endorsing venders... except for these guys. Why? Not because they're good; because they are very very good. Good prices, Amazing tech support and advice. If you are going to get into the digital video thing... this is the place to go.

THE COUNTY THEATER - Great, Historic Art Deco theater in Bucks County, where The Last Broadcast made it's premiere.

VIDEOSMITH- The leading production rental house in Phila, Pa. who very generously loaned us a beta sp deck for the duration of the movie's run, while playing in Doylestown, Pa.

AIVF - Association for Independent Video & Film. If you don't know who they are, you better.

Films and Filmmakers

Various films and filmmakers we've met or who have made a movie with similar methods.

Mary Jane's Not A Virgin Anymore
Sarah Jacobson

Peter Hall

Color Blinded
Mark Pirro


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