The Making of 
The Last Broadcast

In September, the official "Making of" book will go on sale.
Written with the indie filmmaker in mind, this book delves into the
behind the scenes as well as the technical aspects of The Last Broadcast.
As a filmmaker who has read mediocre "Making of" books,
I want to make sure that this book will be informative and useful. 

This book is going to be a fun read, but more importantly,
it is our intention to deliver the most useful and practical book 
possible - not to just capitalize on the movie's success.

Stefan Avalos


Book Sales

The first edition of this book will be sold only during the tour and festivals.
Limited Sales will be made via the internet, however we do stress that you
see the movie before reading the book as it is a complete dissection of the
movie on many levels including plot structure.

The estimated book price will be US $21.50 + shipping
If you are at all interested in the book or any other aspects of the movie,
please join the mailing list. - in the "What's Happening" section.

Lance Weiler and Stefan Avalos